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2021-11-04 22:52:22 -06:00
name = "Doks"
license = "MIT"
licenselink = "https://github.com/h-enk/doks/blob/master/LICENSE"
description = "Hugo theme helping you build modern documentation websites that are secure, fast, and SEO-ready — by default."
homepage = "https://github.com/h-enk/doks"
demosite = "https://doks.netlify.app"
tags = ["landing page", "documentation", "blog", "minimal", "modern", "customizable", "search", "dark mode", "bootstrap"]
features = ["security aware", "fast by default", "seo-ready", "development tools", "bootstrap framework", "netlify-ready", "full text search", "page layouts", "dark mode"]
name = "Henk Verlinde"
homepage = "https://henkverlinde.com"