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Modern Documentation Theme
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Doks is a Hugo theme for building secure, fast, and SEO-ready documentation websites, which you can easily update and customize.
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![Doks — Modern Documentation Theme](
## Demo
- [](
## Why Doks?
Nine main reasons why you should use Doks:
1. __Security aware__. Get A+ scores on [Mozilla Observatory]( out of the box. Easily change the default Security Headers to suit your needs.
2. __Fast by default__. Get 100 scores on [Google Lighthouse]( by default. Doks removes unused css, prefetches links, and lazy loads images.
3. __SEO-ready__. Use sensible defaults for structured data, open graph, and Twitter cards. Or easily change the SEO settings to your liking.
4. __Development tools__. Code with confidence. Check styles, scripts, and markdown for errors and fix automatically or manually.
5. __Bootstrap framework__. Build robust, flexible, and intuitive websites with Bootstrap 5. Easily customize your Doks site with the source Sass files.
6. __Netlify-ready__. Deploy to Netlify with sensible defaults. Easily use Netlify Functions, Netlify Redirects, and Netlify Headers.
7. __Full text search__. Search your Doks site with FlexSearch. Easily customize index settings and search options to your liking.
8. __Page layouts__. Build pages with a landing page, blog, or documentation layout. Add custom sections and components to suit your needs.
9. __Dark mode__. Switch to a low-light UI with the click of a button. Change colors with variables to match your branding.
### Other features
- __Multilingual and i18n__ support
- __Versioning__ documentation support
- __KaTeX__ math typesetting
- __Mermaid__ diagrams and visualization
- __highlight.js__ syntax highlighting
## Requirements
Doks uses npm to centralize dependency management, making it [easy to update]( resources, build tooling, plugins, and build scripts:
- Download and install [Node.js]( (it includes npm) for your platform.
## Get started
Start a new Doks project in three steps:
### 1. Create a new site
Doks is available as a child theme, and a starter theme:
- Use the Doks child theme, if you do __not__ plan to customize a lot, and/or need future Doks updates.
- Use the Doks starter theme, if you plan to customize a lot, and/or do __not__ need future Doks updates.
Not quite sure? Use the Doks child theme.
#### Doks child theme
git clone my-doks-site && cd my-doks-site
#### Doks starter theme
git clone my-doks-site && cd my-doks-site
### 2. Install dependencies
npm install
### 3. Start development server
npm run start
## Other commands
Doks comes with [commands]( for common tasks.
## Documentation
- [Netlify](
- [Hugo](
- [Doks](
## Communities
- [Netlify Community](
- [Hugo Forums](
- [Doks Discussions](
## Sponsors
Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website.
[![OC sponsor 0](](
## Backers
Support this project by becoming a backer. Your avatar will show up here.